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After nearly 10 years of working in women’s health as a Labor & Delivery nurse, I am very passionate about the physical and mental well being of all women. Earlier this year I accepted an amazing opportunity to join this team at ASW. This has been an incredible transition for me as a nurse but also for me as a mom to my beautiful daughters. Even though I am no longer helping bring precious babies into the world, I still care VERY much about all of the ladies I get to treat and help. So, I want to talk to all of you out there about a very important part of your well-being…sexual health! I know in society today it isn’t always easy to talk about sexuality, but that doesn’t make it any less important! I am truly here to help women feel more comfortable talking about sexual health and seeking the support they need. With that said, I am super excited to tell you all about a new treatment we are offering   It is called the O-shot, and it is wonderful! Here are a few details about it:
  •   It is a non-surgical way to naturally enhance sexual satisfaction
  •   It helps to alleviate urinary incontinence
  •   It uses a small sample of your own blood to get platelet rich plasma…aka PRP.
  •   The vaginal area is numbed during the procedure to promote comfort through the process
  •   It is quick and easy and takes an hour or less
  •   It can change your life for the better!!!
So, please come see me for a consultation and to find out more about the amazing O-shot! As women, we need to help each other be and feel like the absolute best versions of ourselves. I am 100% here to help you do that!
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