Pre-pay For Two Facials & Receive a Third 50% Off

Enjoy a multi-step treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and can help your skin look younger. You will also receive advice on the best way to take care of your skin.

Purchase an Area of Emtone & receive a Second Area 50% Off

EMSCULPT is the first device to build muscle and sculpt your body. Through the high intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure one can enlarge current muscles, as well as grow new muscle fibers. This is a great opportunity for you and a loved one to experience the workout of EmSculpt together!

Book Lashes & Brows Get 20% Off Revitalash

MICROBLADING is the process of implanting color pigment beneath the surface of the skin using a blade consisting of tiny, sterile, disposable needles to produce the appearance of hair strokes, makeup, or to enhance the natural features of the face.

LASH EXTENSIONS are a great way to naturally enhance the look of your lashes. By using a safe and gentle technique lash extensions are applied to the lash line to create a more full and luscious look.

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