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At Austin Skin and Wellness, we believe beauty starts from the inside out, so we are now offering vitamin IV therapy! We have created several types of vitamin IV therapy options utilizing key vitamin and nutrients to help our clients not only look their best, but feel their best, as well! Options include Energy, Beauty, Weight Loss, Recovery, Immunity, and Calming. We are also offering custom vitamin IV therapy to address the specific concerns of our clients. 

So what exactly is vitamin IV therapy and why do we love them so much? Do you ever wonder why you may not feel your best despite trying to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and take daily vitamins and supplements? This is because our bodies are not able to absorb everything we take orally due to the amount of work it takes to breakdown these compounds. Additionally, stomach acid can destroy some of these vitamins and nutrients, while others may not be easily absorbed in the small and large intestine due to a variety of reasons. This all plays a role in why even the healthiest people may not always feel their best and why vitamin IV therapy can help! IV treatments are delivered directly throughout the body through the venous system, while IM treatments are injected directly into the muscle. Most of our treatments can be administered via IV or IM, depending on your own personal preference. Regardless of the route you choose, these treatments bypasses the entire digestive system including your liver. This means we don’t have to worry about the breakdown, digestion and absorption of food, because we administer the nutrients directly into your blood stream. Making these vitamins and nutrients available to your cells in abundance can be optimal, with many people reporting an increase in energy, better mood, less anxiety, improved immunity and sleep, faster recovery from muscle fatigue and a lifting of their mental “fog” very soon after treatment.

We aim to provide premiere vitamin IV therapy to all of our clients, whether it is adding an IV treatment to an existing appointment, them receiving our weekly weight loss injection series, or joining our new monthly vitamin IV therapy membership. Our RN and PA-C are highly trained to administer these treatments and we will work with you to determine the best treatment option. 

We welcome you to take advantage of our free consultation services to find out how you can benefit from a custom IV! You already know you will leave Austin Skin and Wellness looking your best, but now you can leave feeling your best too! 

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