IPL PhotoFacial  

Fade brown discoloration, reduce redness, shrink the pores, and improve skin elasticity with a light-based treatment using IPL Photofacial. Sun damage and age spots can be caused by prolonged sun exposure, aging and environmental factors as well. With Cynosure’s IPL treatment, you can eliminate redness and brown spots with little down time!

Cynosure IPL benefits:

  • No downtime
  • Treat any area on the body
  • Reduce brown and red discoloration, pores, and fine lines
  • Turns on younger gene expression in your skin

How IPL Works

During the treatment, the IPL delivers pulses of light.  The light goes through unique filters, is temperature controlled, and is delivered to the target area of treatment.  The light stimulates collagen, and selectively treats the signs of aging, such as: fine lines, brown (age) spots, sun-damage, broken blood vessels, and other flaws.  Current research shows that the IPL stimulates “younger” gene expression and can make treated skin (over time) appear years and even decades more youthful.

What to Expect

The treated area will be scanned with the IPL, pulsing light to assure that no area is missed.  Multiple passes are required, and treatment is individualized based on each patients’ needs at Austin Skin & Wellness.  There is typically a glow to the skin following treatment and a gradual reduction in the brown and red pigments.  Results improve with each treatment.  A single treatment takes 25 minutes, depending on the area.  We recommend a series of 3 treatments, which consistently delivers a beautiful and natural result.   Long term, based on the studies demonstrating younger gene expression, we recommend at least 2 IPL treatments per year.

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