Eyebrows & Lashes

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Tinting is a quick, 15-30 minute service in which we apply a vegetable base dye to your brows or lashes to darken them. We carry several different shades and they can be mixed and matched to customize the perfect color just for you. The effects typically last 4 - 6 weeks, but can vary by person.

Eyelash Lift

Take your natural lashes to all new heights with a Lash Lift.  An alternative to lash extensions and best suited for those with healthy lashes. A lash lift is a chemical service that adds curl and lift to your natural lashes. Lifts last 6-8 weeks.


Microblading is a semi-permanent way to fill in your eyebrows. It is the process of creating fine, hair-like strokes using a manual microblade tool and pigment. Microblading frees up your time from the mundane task of filling in your eyebrows with gels and pencils, and gives you the ability to alter the shape, fill in, and define your brows.

During the appointment, the eyebrow shape is defined through a series of measurements. Once a shape is agreed upon with the client, hair-like strokes are made on the surface of the skin and pigment is implanted. The “strokes” are done manually, and result in a hair-like effect. The process is considered semi-permanent makeup and is done using pigment. For anesthetic during the procedure, we use a lidocaine solution 20 minutes prior to numb the area and then another topical anesthetic is applied during the procedure to maintain numbness.

The initial appointment is 3 hours and the follow-up is 1.5 hours. There is no downtime; however, there are restrictions on what can go near or on your eyebrows. Your eyebrow hair will continue to grow as usual, following the appointment. On average, your Microblading will last up to 18 months before you will need a touch-up. It is recommended to avoid ibuprofen, Tylenol, and alcohol 3 days prior to your procedure.

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