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Motus AZ Painless Laser Hair Removal | An Honest Review


Are you tired of shaving and stubborn razor bumps but are worried about laser hair removal being painful? Or even worse, laser hair removal not being as effective as you hoped? Austin Skin & Wellness now offers Motus AZ, the revolutionary laser hair removal treatment that is painless and more effective than ever before!

If you’re feeling skeptical about whether this treatment is truly painless, we understand why it may sound too good to be true. This is why we’ve invited one of our clients to take over the blog today and explain her experience with Motus AZ laser hair removal. Take it away!

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I’ve been coming to Austin Skin & Wellness for about four years now for a variety of services; botox, filler, facials, you name it. I’m always intrigued to hear about the latest and greatest services that they have to offer. As someone who is embarrassed by their razor bumps and thick, dark body hair (yes, I’m the kind who even has to shave their belly button area), I’ve always considered the possibility of getting laser hair removal.

When Brandi told me about this new painless laser hair removal machine, I knew that it was finally time for me to invest and get rid of that unwanted hair I’m always bothered by. I’m coming up on my third session of Motus AZ and the results have already exceeded my expectations! Even after only one session, I noticed that the hair on my treated area (Brazilian and lower abdomen) was becoming thinner and growing back at a much slower rate. With each monthly Motus AZ session that I receive, the results are further enhanced. I’m used to shaving those areas almost every other day, and now I’m only reaching for the razor once a week – after just two sessions of Motus! I’ll be receiving a total of 6 treatments to eliminate hair growth on my treated areas, leaving me smooth and razor-bump-free before Summer.

Despite my initial skepticism, I can honestly say that the treatment is truly painless and just feels like a gliding movement; similar to an ultrasound. Rather than using a traditional pulse-therapy that painfully targets each individual hair follicle, the Motus AZ uses Moveo technology. This is the concept of accumulating energy in a constant motion to keep the skin cool and feeling comfortable. Best of all, Moveo technology applies to all skin types equally, so any skin pigment will achieve the same results. Not to mention, the ease of this treatment is the cherry on top. The sessions are always less than 30 minutes and don’t require any recovery time. I’m able to go right back into my daily activities after leaving my Motus AZ appointment. Although this treatment is pretty undemanding, here are a few suggestions that I follow for getting the best results:

  • Don’t wax, thread, or tweeze that area for at least 4 weeks before. Shaving is still okay!
  • Avoid direct sunlight for at least 3 days before and after your appointment. Use a sunblock of SPF 50 or greater when your treated area is exposed to the sun.
  • Shave your treated area 24 hours before your appointment. The closer the shave, the better!
  • Don’t put any makeup, lotion, or deodorant on your treated area on the day of your appointment.

I genuinely feel that the Motus AZ treatment is the new standard for laser hair removal. If there’s a painless option that gets the job done more efficiently, then why bother with anything else? Plus, this wizard of a machine can also help with; Pigmented Lesion Reduction, Skin Revitalization, and Vascular Lesion Reduction, in combination with hair removal, so be sure to ask the laser experts at Austin Skin and Wellness about those additional benefits!

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